Squarespace: Customizable Lock Screens

Role(s): Design ColLaboration, Front-end Developer

This began as a hack week project between myself, a lead designer, and another front-end developer at Squarespace. Previous to this project's completion, all password-protected websites or pages received the same, generic, black password page. There was no ability to customize the look or the content of that security page. This provided a disjoined experience Squarespace customers' users.

We designed and built a working prototype that enabled a user to not only select from a predefined set of password page templates, but also let the user customize the look, feel, and content of those password pages. 

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, YUI, Java


Mars Hill Church

Role(s): Lead Designer, Front-end Developer

After having just completed a major rebrand, the church was ready to move forward with a completely new website that not only reflected the new look and feel of the church, but also better served their content distribution needs.

The entire site was designed to be responsive so that users could engage with the content regardless of what device they used to access the website. The entire site and CMS were custom built using Ruby on Rails.

My responsibilities included wireframes, UI & site design, front-end development, as well as helping create the site map and thinking through most of the site structure.

Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails


Build a G.I.Joe

Roles: Front-end Dev, Project management

A one-page, Javascript-based application for the promotion of G.I.Joe Retaliation’s Blu-Ray release. I led a team of three developers on this project and contributed to the front-end development as well.

PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Spine JS, HTML, CSS